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From toothbrushes to water flossers, white strips to floss, several formulas of toothpastes to oral probiotics. BURST has you covered for the time in between our visits together to keep your mouth healthy. I love, use and recommend all these products. Environmentally conscious and customer satisfaction is the BURST families mission. I'm a proud ambassador and have recommended these products again and again to patients that can't say enough good things about them. Be sure to use the PROMO code 9QADGF for my ambassador pricing.

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TePe Brushes

TePe interdental cleaners in my professional opinion are far superior than floss - YES you read that right!  Traditional flossing is very technique sensitive and lets face it- a big pain to do.  TePe brushes are convenient and comfortable to use.  Proven safe for all dental surfaces including implants.

We will send you home with the perfect size for you and re-ordering is easy through the link below.  

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All CloSYS products includes a powerful patented formula that is highly effective yet pleasantly gentle to use. Naturally activated by your saliva, CloSYS kills harmful bad breath bacteria in 10 seconds without the burn you've come to expect.

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