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  • How long will my first visit be and what does it entail?
    I put aside 2 hours for our first visit. Together we will go over your health history, determine risk factors, do a complete oral and gum health assessment, take photographs, update your dental x-rays, look at your bacterial biofilm with a microscope, have your first GBT session, come up with a personalized plan to help you achieve and maintain oral health leading to improved overall health.
  • Do you take dental insurance?
    The only dental insurance company I am accepting as payment in full is MaineCare. I work very closely with Northeast Delta Dental and although I am not in network with them I do bill them for patients that subscribe to them. Please be aware that this is the ONLY dental insurance I will bill with no payment due upfront - there may be a small bill after I recieve payment form them. All other insurance plans I will bill for your direct reimbursement - in other words, payment in full is expected at the time of your visit and I will have the insurance company send you a reimbursment check directly.
  • What if I want "just a cleaning"?"
    Here at Searsmont Oral Wellness Center your mouth is just the tip of the iceburg when it comes to overall health. Many systemic disease and increased risk for disease are associated with poor oral health. My motto is prevention truly is the best medicine but education is just as important. We will spend time uncovering your individual risk factors for diseases such as heart disease, stroke and recently discovered alzheimer's disease and dementia to come up with a plan to help you avoid these common diseases.
  • Where do I go if I need more than a preventative appointment?
    Searsmont Oral Wellness Center is happy to work with your current restorative team. I also work closely with Dr. Sarah Bouchard, DDS at PenBay Dental in Rockport, ME. Pam and Dr. Bouchard worked side by side for several years and Pam trusts Dr. Sarah's clinical excellence implicitly.
  • Do you take X-rays?
    Yes. As an IPDH due to limitations put in place by the state of MaineI am not able to definitively diagnose dental conditions. In order to become a licenced dental hygienist we are required to pass competency tests on how to aquire dental radiographs safely, read and report dental conditions. Coupled with over 38+ years of dental experience I can confidently identify conditions that require further diagnosis by a dentist. I have a dentist that reviews my radiographs in a timely manner and at that time I can give you a refferral for treatment recommendations.
  • What happens if there is an area of concern?
    I am required by the state to provide you with a written explanation of findings and a refferral to a dental office.
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