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Dental Hygiene the way it should be.

Here at the Searsmont Oral Wellness Center my goal is to help you achieve overall wellness by starting at the source - the mouth.  Our mouths contain millions of bacteria that are finely balanced.  When that balance goes out of whack inflammation occurs resulting in bleeding gums, cavities, irreversible jaw bone loss and ultimately tooth loss.  But it goes far beyond that.  Currently there are 57+ diseases that are directly linked to bacteria that should only be found in the mouth.  Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, erectile dysfunction and most recently Alzheimer's to name a few. 

 I am proud to be one of the few providers in Maine and across the country to be offering Guided Biofilm Therapy exclusively.  GBT is a treatment modality that was developed in Switzerland over 40 years ago by the Swiss Dental Academy and strives to be minimally invasive but maximally effective.  By controlling the biofilm you control inflammation which is viewed as one of the most prevalent mediators of disease.

By using an erythritol  powder - a naturally derived sugar alcohol that due to it's small, even particle size is extremely gentle to the tooth surface and delicate gum tissue you are assured a spa like experience during your therapy session.  But the benefits do not stop there.  Erythritol is highly anticariogenic and bactericidal - meaning it has a negative impact on the specific bacteria that causes tooth decay and gum disease all while remineralizing the tooth surface.  Traditional metal instruments, rubber cup polishers and abrasive polishing paste can be uncomfortable and actually damage the tooth surface leaving scratches where bacteria can get a foothold and multiply.  

My goal here at the Searsmont Oral Wellness Center is for you to feel confident and comfortable in understanding the health of your mouth and how it directly impacts your overall health.  By working together we will develop a comprehensive plan while enjoying a spa like therapy appointment that will make you want to return for future visits.

Pamela Sargent

Clinic Director

Our Clinic

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