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     Pamela       Ames
Independently Practicing
Dental Hygienist

Offering a New Approach to Prevention and Wellness

Whole Health starts with Oral Health


About Me

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Pamela J Ames


As a 2001 University of Maine graduate, Pamela has been a dental hygienist for over 20 years and a dental assistant for 16 years prior to that.  Pam has been utilizing GBT with the AirFlow system since 2020 and is continually blown away by the results obtained with its use over the old scrape and polish method.  Pam has a new found excitement and rekindled passion for preventative dental therapies eversince adopting this treatment protocol.  "It truly has changed how I care for, motivate and educate my clients...I'm no longer the nagging hygienist - we are on the same team fighting for better oral health to enable better overall health" 

Pamela is also a certified GBT trainer for EMS and thinks every dental office should be using this state of the art  technology.  "I want to sing from the rooftops how amazing the turnaround is in pts oral health"

In 2022 Pamela travelled extensively teaching forward thinking offices this cutting edge care.  "I'm so so grateful to be able to connect and network with amazing dental professionals as well as see our beautiful country whilst doing what I am so passionate about."


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AirFlow Prophylaxis Master

                                                     Meet Dani...

Here at Searsmont Oral Wellness we utilize the AirFlow Prophylaxis Master (AKA - Dani) exclusively.   Dani is Swiss technology developed by the scientists, doctors and dental professionals of the Swiss Dental Academy.   With over 40 years of scientific research to back her efficacy in helping to maintain oral health by managing harmful biofilm. The AirFlow Prophylaxis Master delivers a maximally effective but minimally invasive preventative dental therapy.  The turnaround in the health of patients mouth is mindblowing.  By utilizing the patented Erythritol powder you also gain anti-bacterial and remineralizing benefits. No longer do you have to grip the chair due to cold water spray - water is warmed right inside the machine for the most comfortable dental experience you have ever had.  It's like a spa treatment for your mouth. 


Cris Barter

The Dental Loft

Thank you, Pam for sharing your day training The Dental Loft's hygiene team today! I am SO excited to use and master this "new" technology to improve my patients' oral and systemic health. Your knowledge and sense of humor made, what could have been a tedious process, interesting and fun.

Ashley Hedgpath


Saw Pam for the first time today and she was great! I love that she did the cleaning with a water tool- much less painful than my other cleanings!

Stephanie Cross


Pam was amazing! Her personal approach and cutting edge technology made my visit a welcome surprise. Painless and grounded in science, Searsmont Oral Wellness is a wonderful partner for your health care team.

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